How can we create a learning community where shared values, student support systems, and procedural consistencies exist to make our environment one that stimulates intellectual  and social-emotional growth for students?


What is City Blocks?

Regardless of school type, location, or student age, volumes of research emphasize strong correlations between student stress and performance.

We know that students learn best in environments that they feel safe, supported, accepted, and are actively engaged in creating learning outcomes.

We also know that what happens in a student's home, neighborhood, or social media community affects what happens at school. 

That's why we are talking to school leaders about our CITY BLOCKS PROJECT as a solution to address the stress  and anxieties that distract students from focusing and learning. The City Blocks Project provides several levels of services, including daily supports to:

  • Help students deal with anxieties
  • Improve conflict resolution skills
  • Address bullying
  • Enhance classroom and school climate
  • Act as quick de-escalation strategies
  • Support school leaders in addressing non-compliant behaviors
  • Provide wrap-around services to address individual student needs
  • Demonstrate school-wide principles of thought leadership
  • Improve critical thinking and MUCH MORE...

Our Approach

Discovering Pathways


As consultants and hands on practitioners, we are dedicated to discovering each school's needs and interests. We partner with school leaders to embed customized services into the school's culture in a way that compliments performance goals and nurtures desired changes.

Ensuring Fidelity


We recognize that when it comes to shifting climate and culture, "train-and-go" models can easily fade. Our commitment is to ensure success through ongoing support, side-by-side coaching, and process monitoring.

Diversifying Training


Our team employs diverse training mechanisms so that new knowledge is easily transferable into daily practices for staff and students.

Partnering and Collaborating


We understand the concept of "it takes a village", but also know that the village must be trained. That's why we offer opportunities to enhance capacity building with parents and other stakeholders.


City Blocks Certification includes full day training to receive a User Level Certification for persons interested in becoming an Independent Contractor with the Irby Wilkins Group.

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